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Commentary: In this commentary, I will opine on the pervasive culture of corruption, lying, and subversion at the highest levels of America’s intelligence community that has surfaced over the past two years, particularly in the DOJ and FBI.

Through most of my formative years, I was under the reasonable impression that the DOJ and FBI represented the ultimate in American law enforcement and that their respective mottos spoke for themselves. The DOJ’s motto, “Qui Pro Domina Justitia Sequitur”, refers to the Attorney General ‘who prosecutes on behalf of lady justice’. The FBI’s motto, ‘Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity’ is intended to be symbolic of the organization. For the most part, both organizations lived up to their mottos… but things change.

The Obama Years: Then came the tragic Obama years from 1/20/09 through 1/20/17 and things changed dramatically. I believe Obama was a radical black activist that hated America. His tenure as President was underpinned by an incessant goal to create a historic legacy built on fundamentally transforming traditional American culture and values, then supplanting them with an ideology of his choosing. He understood the enormity of such an undertaking and to help facilitate its success placed like-minded, loyal sycophants in key positions who would relentlessly pursue his endeavor.

For the sake of brevity, a significant part of Obama’s transformational agenda included secretly weaponizing the DOJ, FBI, IRS, CIA, DHS, and NSA to further his interests, destroy his political enemies, and protect allies, the U.S. Constitution notwithstanding and being trashed as a matter of course. Holder and Lynch were DOJ AGs; Mueller and Comey were FBI Directors. Each of them fervently embraced and perpetuated Obama’s culture of corruption and lying in their departments, as well as willfully complied with his sotto voce directives… all with impunity.

The ‘16 Presidential Primaries: Trump easily won the GOP primary. Clinton was the Democratic candidate thanks to corrupt liars, Obama, AG Lynch, and her long-time felony fixer, FBI Director Comey. Specifically, she was exonerated from committing multiple felonies related to her email scandal for which anyone else would have been indicted. An indictment would have represented the death knell to both her candidacy and the perpetuation of Obama’s ignominious legacy.

2016 Presidential Election: The DC establishment, MSM, Democrats, and many Republicans considered Trump’s nomination as comical and Clinton’s election as President a fait accompli. As such, the ensuing events were logically assumed:

  • Clinton would continue and complete Obama’s radical transformational agenda thereby ensuring his legacy’s place in history.
  • The multitude of felonies committed by the Clintons, Obama, his AGs, FBI Directors, and other bureaucrats would never surface, and ergo, the usual DC corruption without accountability would continue.

The Presidential Race Tightens: The country was shocked as Trump began gaining traction and represented a serious threat to Clinton, even with her zealous non-stop support from Obama. This unimaginable threat to Clinton and Obama’s legacy had to be met and neutralized at all costs. Accordingly, a strategic action plan with the highest level of security had to be developed and implemented with perfect execution to ensure Clinton’s presidency.

Based on hours of direct testimony and logical inferences adduced from indisputable facts, a sinister plan addressing the scenarios of a Clinton victory and loss was developed and implemented as respectively set forth below:

  • Destroy Trump as a candidate to ensure a Clinton victory.
  • Delegitimize and destroy Trump’s presidency by all means possible.

Subverting Trump: The devious plan was to falsely and relentlessly accuse Trump and his team of colluding with Russia to influence the election results. The accusations were based solely on the now-infamous Steele Dossier comprised of 17 unverified salacious memos known to be blatantly false and paid for by Clinton.

Notwithstanding Clinton, the DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA and most likely Obama having full knowledge of these salient facts the false accusations were leaked to and aggressively disseminated by the MSM as well as every Congressional Democrat. As we know today, after $35M of taxpayer’s money and two years of intense investigation by Mueller with his team of sordid pro-Clinton goons intent on indicting Trump, there was neither collusion with Russia nor obstruction of justice.

 The Most Significant Ramification of Trump’s Victory: In my opinion, the most significant ramification of Trump’s victory is that it opened and laid bare the previously hidden repulsive underbelly of America’s corrupt intelligence community, particularly the DOJ and FBI.

As a direct result of tenacious Congressional investigation during the last two years, we have learned through volumes of indisputable inculpatory evidence that Clinton and high-level members of the DOJ, FBI, CIA (John Brennan) and NSA (James Clapper) were involved in a brazen criminal conspiracy to ensure her candidacy and control the 2016 presidential election results. What has not yet surfaced, however, are the key culprits who organized, carefully planned, and directed the cast of corrupt liars in this subversive endeavor.

It should be abundantly clear that Obama and Clinton had the most to gain and the most to lose from the election. Considering the stakes and their corrupt, amoral characters, it stretches credulity to assume they were not the major players intimately involved with every aspect of the plan and its execution.

For a more detailed discussion of this is see my blog Skewing The Scales Of Justice

Same Old DOJ and FBI: Old habits die hard and the reprehensible culture of corruption, lying, and subversion that were so pervasive in Obama’s intelligence community have been perpetuated during Trump’s presidency. Consider the following appalling examples:

  • Notwithstanding volumes of inculpatory evidence of multiple felonies, not one person in the DOJ, FBI, and Obama’s administration known to have willfully conspired to illegally ensure Clinton’s exoneration and presidential candidacy has been indicted or otherwise held accountable by the DOJ. Likewise, no one known to have illegally conspired to delegitimize, destroy and subvert Trump’s presidency based on the Russia collusion lie has been indicted or otherwise held accountable by the DOJ.
  • In the absence of one scintilla of evidence, Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein appointed his good pal Robert Mueller to witch-hunt Trump and find evidence that he colluded with Russia to influence the presidential election and obstructed justice. Rosenstein also extended a FISA warrant to tap Carter Page’s phone knowing full well it had been obtained by the dirty DOJ and FBI fraudulently misrepresenting the requisite supporting evidence to the issuing court.
  • Under the stellar stewardship of Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray, the DOJ & FBI have intentionally obstructed the Congressional investigation of these matters for two years. Specifically, they have suppressed volumes of substantive evidence subpoenaed by Congress that inculpates Obama, members of his administration, Clinton, and their own toxic bureaucrats of committing egregious felonies, which clearly exemplifies the culture of each organization.
  • Spineless AG Jeff Sessions refused to appoint a Special Counsel to investigate multiple egregious felonies committed by Clinton and abetted by the DOJ and FBI. Included therein is paying for the Steele Dossier; abuse of power as Sec State; obstruction of justice; subverting Trump. Instead, he named one of his own sycophants, US Attorney John Huber, to conduct such investigation. Two years into the alleged investigation and the deafening silence from Huber has been consistent with the propensity of the DOJ and FBI to suppress evidence inculpating their own people subpoenaed by Congress as mentioned aforesaid.

In my opinion, during the past ten years, the highest levels of the DOJ and FBI have primarily been comprised of treacherous, self-serving corrupt liars. They represent malignant cancers in these once credible institutions that have operated with impunity under color of title, shielded their own scum from criminal exposure, and make organized crime look pale.

Enforcing the Rule of Law: For the good of America, her judicial system and citizenry I sincerely hope AG William Barr has the guts, integrity, and respect for the rule of law to clean up these filthy cesspools. Suppressing inculpatory evidence of crimes committed by former and current politicians, DOJ, FBI and other bureaucratic employees to shield them from exposure must immediately stop and they must be held accountable. The usual meaningless wink, nod, and hand slap should no longer be acceptable. 

If Barr respects and enforces the rule of law, every person involved in the criminal conspiracies mentioned herein will be indicted, beginning with the top echelon: Obama; the Clintons; Lynch; Comey; Brennan; and Clapper. Furthermore, every federal employee should also be fired and have their pensions forfeited. However, Barr’s failure to indict this filth will be a confirmation that the DOJ’s culture remains pervaded by corruption, lying, and subversion.