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The purpose of this blog is to opine on the roles of the DOJ and FBI in the criminal conspiracy to subvert and destroy Donald Trump’s candidacy and presidency. Be assured, however, that the upper echelons of every organization in the intelligence community were deeply involved with this outrageous travesty of justice and betrayal of America.

For the sake of brevity, I consider the principal conspirators to include the following:

  • Obama and the vile Clintons as they had the most to gain and the most to lose
  • Obama officials heading and serving in the CIA, NIA, DOJ, and FBI that were avid Clinton supporters vested with the power to manipulate an election
  • Congressional Democrats and many Republicans
  • The DNC
  • The MSM

Inculpatory Evidence of Subversion Emerges: During Trump’s 38 months as president mountains of irrefutable inculpatory evidence of subversion, corruption, and perjury supporting the conspiracy, as well as perpetrating a fraud on the FISA court have been uncovered by Congressional investigative committees. Likewise, such hard evidence has also been uncovered by the prestigious investigative organization, Judicial Watch, and investigative journalists including John Solomon, Gregg Jarrett, and Sarah Carter. All have impeccable credentials and are highly respected in their fields of endeavor.

DOJ’s Dirty Hands: From the time Trump became the GOP’s candidate for President on July 19, 2016, through today, the upper echelon of the DOJ and FBI have consistently used their extraordinary powers to suppress and lie about inculpatory evidence against themselves and corrupt individuals in their organizations.

This is not surprising considering that the reprehensible toxic culture of corruption and lying set by DOJ AGs Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, and FBI Directors Robert Mueller and James Comey remain pervasive at the top levels of these organizations.

For example, the DOJ and FBI have consistently refused to comply with probative Congressional subpoenas and FOIA requests relative to the conspiracy. They comply only after being sued and ordered to do so, and then with most inculpatory information redacted, allegedly for ‘security’ reasons. In layman’s terms, these corrupt organizations have ‘CYA’ down pat and employ it to avoid criminal exposure.

Trump’s DOJ Officials: In addition to former FBI Director and proven corrupt pathological liar James Comey, who Trump astutely fired on 5/9/17, the following are individuals who have held top positions in Trump’s DOJ and their more notable achievements.

  • FBI Director Christopher Wray: August 2, 1917, through the present. An empty suit who consistently impeded the rule of law and suppressed inculpatory evidence involving corrupt, lying DC Democratic politicians & bureaucrats.
  • AG Jeff Sessions: 2/9/17 – 11/7/18. A feckless individual who correctly recused himself from the Russian collusion probe against Trump then inexplicably appointed Democratic sycophant, Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, in his stead; appointed DOJ stooge, US Attorney John Huber, to investigate the Clinton email scandal after Comey’s outrageous findings. Huber’s name and mission magically evaporated and never again surfaced.
  • Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein: 2/1/17 – 5/11/19. See my note below on this weasel.
  • AG William Barr: 2/14/19 through the present. Barr is esteemed as Mr. Integrity with ultimate respect for the rule of law. Thus far, he has sniveled about Trump’s tweets; nixed all meritorious recommendations for criminal prosecutions in this matter from IG Horowitz; appointed US Attorney John ‘super sleuth’ Durham to supposedly conduct a thorough investigation of the Russia Collusion hoax and its participants. Measurable results here include incurring significant costs and accumulating air miles, but no one has been held accountable.

Rosenstein is the repulsive snake that appointed his good pal Robert Mueller as Special Counsel to conduct the ‘Russia Hoax’ collusion investigation. He clothed Mueller with total authority to do as he pleased with unlimited funding. The nefarious purpose of this hoax was to find any crime that could be used to indict Trump.

Not coincidentally, this appointment occurred the day after Rosenstein unsuccessfully hyped Mueller to Trump as Comey’s replacement. The Russia collusion farce cost the US taxpayers approximately $40M and showed Mueller to be a blithering idiot; its collateral damage and results are well known.

At a meeting with acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe and other high-ranking FBI officials, Rosenstein volunteered to wear a wire when speaking privately with Trump to record evidence of his insanity required to facilitate removing him under the 25th Amendment. Rosenstein claimed he was joking.

Mountains of Indisputable Inculpatory Evidence: Unbiased investigative organizations, journalists and commentators with impeccable credentials mentioned herein have compiled and disseminated mountains of indisputable inculpatory evidence of felonies committed by the principal players that conspired to subvert and destroy Trump’s candidacy and presidency.

Included therein are high ranking officials from the DOJ and FBI that also willfully perpetrated a fraud on the FISA Court relative to electronically surveilling Carter Page. This is among the most egregious of the felonies committed by these stellar groups.

The DOJ and FBI: America’s DOJ and FBI are reputed to be, and most likely are the world’s finest, most technologically advanced and sophisticated intelligence agencies with unlimited resources at their disposal. Ergo, a reasonable person can logically posit that integrity and commitment to the rule of law underpin the culture of these once hallowed organizations.

Inexplicably, however, AG Barr has not indicted one person involved in the criminal conspiracy to subvert Trump. Thus far he has graciously handed out felony passes to Hillary Clinton, James Comey and Andrew McCabe, all corrupt pathological liars up to their eyeballs in this matter.

There is no reason to believe this ominous pattern of behavior will stop. Meanwhile, Barr will likely endeavor to assuage concerns as well as cement his legacy of integrity and respect for the rule of law by indicting a lowly parking valet or men’s room attendant at the Capitol building as the conspiracy’s mastermind.

AG Barr’s Goal: In my opinion, Barr’s consistent inaction on the multitude of obvious felonies committed in the conspiracy to subvert Trump, as mentioned aforesaid, evinces his future intentions. He will continue doling out felony passes to corrupt liars as with Clinton, Comey and McCabe while spewing effluvium to clog the wheels of justice from properly functioning for eight more months on the chance that Trump loses in 2020.

Such loss will conveniently operate to terminate all criminal investigations relative to subverting Trump and they will die the same ugly death as would have been the case under a Clinton presidency. Barr will then be off the hook for facilitating the most unconscionable miscarriage of justice in American history.

The Sorry State of Justice: It is indeed a sorry, appalling state of affairs when highly respected organizations, e.g., Judicial Watch and investigative journalists mentioned herein are far more concerned with and committed to respecting and upholding the rule of law than the DOJ. I sincerely hope this isn’t the case and the next eight months will be most revealing so stay tuned.