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Robert E. Lee


Commentary: The violence and tragic death of an innocent young woman resulting from the melee that occurred at the White Nationalists’ ‘Unite the Right’ protest held at Emancipation Park in Charlottesville, VA on August 12, 2017, was outrageous and reprehensible. Sadly, it reflected the volatile, prevailing atmosphere in America’s divisive socio-political environment and clearly manifests ominous times ahead. For the record, I consider racism from every source despicable and anathema to our civilized society. FYI, my dog in this fight is our great country, America.

Charlottesville has been dissected by self-anointed pundits’ ad nauseam, and doing so any further would be redundant. My purpose in writing this blog is to discuss the blatant hypocrisy and dangerous behavioral pattern stemming therefrom, as well as their troubling ramifications relative to America’s future, traditions, culture, and values.

Politics and Charlottesville’s Aftermath: Predictably, in the immediate aftermath of Charlottesville notable Whites and Blacks imbued with themselves and politically correct effluvium took center stage. Ignoring their self-proclaimed moral dictates of peace, tolerance, inclusion, and diversity these sanctimonious hypocrites intentionally acted with wanton abandon by further inflaming America’s already raging fires of racial hatred and division. In so doing they followed Rahm Emanuel’s infamous mantra: ‘Never let a serious crisis go to waste’. The most egregious acts of their grandstand performance included the following:

  • Blamed the violence on the Alt-Right and Trump while branding him a racist, White supremacist, White Nationalist, Nazi, and other such ad hominem attacks
  • Accused Trump of insensitivity for failing to more severely condemn the Alt-Right for racism
  • Played the trite race card to avenge slavery and revise the history of discrimination against Blacks by demanding the destruction of historic monuments associated with the Confederacy

Omnipresent Trump Haters: This stellar group was primarily comprised of politicians seeking face time and political capital, political pundits, race baiting activists, and MSM; all of whom are Trump haters that want his presidency destroyed by any means possible. The acts of these people encouraging destruction and removal of historic monuments was reprehensible; their deafening silence towards anti-US far left radical hate groups Antifa and BLM whose sole purpose is to stifle free speech with violence was disgusting. To no surprise, the Black Caucus was far more concerned with destroying Confederate monuments and playing to constituents than with the soaring murder rates among Black youths in Chicago and Baltimore.

The overall goal was accomplished as the usual vitriolic Trump demonization ascended to a new crescendo, and for good measure included questioning the state of his sanity. Among other things, they catalyzed a mania that emboldened thugs and imbeciles to destroy historic Confederate monuments across America and their handy work began with gusto. The mania rapidly escalated to reckless talk of blowing up buildings, mountains, and everything else associated with the Confederacy and America’s White founding fathers. Even a bust of Lincoln was vandalized and Dolly Parton’s Confederate themed dinner theatre is in the cross hairs.

Destroying the Confederacy’s Remnants: These hypocrites correctly posited that the Confederacy and everything associated with it are reminiscent of a terrible, regrettable period of ethnic discrimination in American history. However, their mantra of destroying everything associated with the Confederacy to revise the history of discrimination against Blacks and make that period magically disappear as if it never existed is beyond imbecilic. The obvious implications of their position are that self-imposed ‘White guilt’ will be assuaged; Blacks will be forever appeased, and everyone will unite happily singing Kumbaya.

Human nature and life, however, are neither that simple nor do they operate in that manner. This absurdity takes delusion to a new high; be assured that the balloon politically correct idiots filled with stupefied air will burst much sooner than later. When that occurs and normalcy returns they will find that nothing has changed, even if everything associated with the Confederacy had been eradicated from American history.

The Height of Hypocrisy: The appalling predictable hypocrisy of the Trump haters relative to race and the Confederacy is abundantly clear and begs this simple question: Why the sudden feigned outrage and demand for destroying historic Confederate monuments to eradicate the injustice of slavery in August 2017? Particularly since the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution abolishing it was ratified 151 years ago on December 6, 1865. Furthermore, most of the monuments have stood for more than 50 years without a peep being uttered. Apparently, these conscientious politically correct hypocrites simultaneously found a new moral high ground, experienced a miraculous epiphany and suddenly considered Confederate monuments to be offensive.

Playing the Race Card: It should be abundantly clear that race underpinned the animus towards Trump emanating from Charlottesville. Specifically, the following popular narrative emerged with the associated rhetoric. The Alt-Right is comprised of radical White racists that hate Blacks and Jews; it then ipso facto condones slavery and the Holocaust, respectively associated with the Confederacy and Nazi Germany. Trump’s failure to adequately condemn that group of thugs evinced his insensitivity towards racism, particularly as it relates to Blacks. Ergo, Trump’s attitude towards race is indistinguishable from that of the Alt-Right thugs and he is a White Supremacist who must be damned. Based on prevailing rhetoric and this narrative, the logical damnation would include destroying all Confederate and Nazi monuments.

To my knowledge there are not any monuments to Hitler, Goebbels or other high ranking members of the Third Reich in America, so destroying them is moot. However, Trump’s damnation can be imparted simultaneously with avenging the painful discriminatory past by destroying all monuments associated with the Confederacy and our country’s White founding fathers.

America’s Future Relative to Eradicating Her Heritage: The inflammatory racial rhetoric in the aftermath of Charlottesville that catalyzed the removal and destruction of Confederate monuments comprising an important part of America’s rich history was repugnant to common decency under any circumstances. It also set a very dangerous precedent by opening the door to fools attempting to revise the history of ethnic discrimination against other groups. America is a nation of immigrants and discrimination against immigrants. If revising the history of discrimination against Blacks is encouraged as set forth herein, it will only be a matter of time until it occurs with another ethnic group being involved. As this continues America’s rich heritage, traditions, culture, and values will be eroded and ultimately eradicated.

People that love America must stand up against this insanity and future attempts to revise any aspect of her history. Obama created America’s greatest racial divide in modern times and it remains as such. More hatred, chaos and systemic disruption related to ethnicity are neither needed nor healthy.

U. S. Senate Stands With Antifa: On September 6, 2017, a bipartisan resolution introduced in the Senate condemned ‘white Nationalists, white supremacists, the Klu Klux Klan, neo-Nazis, and other hate groups’ for their role in the violence at Charlottesville. Antifa and BLM, whose sole missions are to stifle free speech through vicious brutality were not mentioned. The resolution takes hypocritical appeasement to a new low and is tantamount to condoning these organizations of savages stifling free speech, particularly with violence. This is not surprising, however, as many of the senators were Obama’s sycophants that eagerly supported his endless efforts to erode the First Amendment and fundamentally transform America. It is abundantly clear that they are continuing in his stead.