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Commentary: In this commentary, I will opine on Robert Mueller’s character that manifested itself while serving as Obama’s FBI Director and as Special Counsel purportedly to oversee the FBI’s investigation of collusion between Trump and Russia to influence the 2016 Presidential election. My opinion is based on Mueller’s conduct during his service in each of these endeavors and will be discussed in this blog.

Extolling Mueller’s Virtues: Congressional Democrats, some Republicans, the MSM, and all Trump haters began extolling Mueller’s virtues on May 17, 2017, when Assistant AG Rod Rosenstein appointed his good friend as Special Counsel to investigate Trump for colluding with Russia to influence the 2016 Presidential election. He was portrayed as ‘ramrod straight’ and ‘utterly incorruptible’. Like the great Greek mythological dragon slayer Heracles, who slew the Hydra by beheading her, Mueller would save America by slaying Trump through an indictment, impeachment or both, and thusly, terminate his presidency.

For the record, Rosenstein catalyzed Comey’s firing as Trump’s FBI Director and strongly urged him to hire Mueller as his successor. Trump astutely refused and the dye was cast; the following day Rosenstein appointed Mueller Special Counsel as mentioned aforesaid. Note that Mueller and Comey are longtime best friends. It should be abundantly clear that there’s no lack of history and ill will in this tri-party scenario.

Obama Extends Mueller’s Term as FBI Director: Congress set the FBI Director’s term at ten-years. Obama inherited Mueller’s final two years as FBI Director under Bush, was impressed and made the rare move of retaining him for another two years. However, this should not have surprised anyone familiar with Obama’s consistent anti-American positions, disparaging comments, and goal to fundamentally transform her traditions, culture, and values.

Specifically, as a rule, people generally hire in their own stead, and retaining Mueller for two additional years was no different. For the sake of brevity, I believe Obama is a corrupt liar who hates America, trashed the U.S. Constitution as a matter of course, and hired key department heads accordingly. Mueller proved himself to be a perfect fit with Obama’s other sycophants heading up the intel departments and ergo, his two-year extension. In keeping with the Obama mold, Comey succeeded Mueller.

Mueller’s Stellar Stint as FBI Director: Mueller’s four-year stint as FBI Director under Obama was anything but virtuous. He performed for Obama as expected and directly, or indirectly through inaction, facilitated multiple felonious scandals that militated against America’s best interests. Below find some of the more significant felonies in which he participated.

  • $12 billion plus in $100 bills were sent to the Iraq war theater and vanished
  • The IRS deliberately targeted Christian and conservative organizations to harass and cause them problems
  • Obama’s Fast and Furious fiasco wherein the government trafficked more than 2000 AK 47 assault rifles into the hands of Mexican cartel criminals resulting in, among other things, the murder of US Border Patrol agent Brian Terry
  • The Department of Justice spied on AP reporters
  • Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sold influence under the guise of Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation receiving millions of dollars for speeches and in donations
  • Hillary Clinton gave Russia control of 20 percent of America’s uranium capacity
  • Thousands of government records, including those that were classified, were on Hillary Clinton’s private email server in blatant violation of the Espionage Act
  • HSBC was allowed to plead guilty to and pay a fine for conducting the largest money laundering scandal in American history

Under Mueller’s stewardship as FBI Director, except for the HSBC wrist slap, there was neither accountability nor consequences imposed for the obvious corruption involved in the foregoing felonies. He set a toxic culture of pervasive corruption and lying within the FBI’s highest echelon. Inherent therein was a pattern of ignoring and often abetting obvious crimes committed by government officials and private sector elites by suppressing inculpatory evidence against them. Comey continued Mueller’s abysmal culture which continues today.

Russian Collusion: The verbiage in Mueller’s mandate as Special Counsel notwithstanding, his charter was to end Trump’s presidency by indicting him for colluding with Russia to influence the 2016 Presidential election. This was facilitated by providing him with an unlimited budget, a boundless scope of authority, and an infinite amount of time in which to complete his mission. After two years at a cost exceeding $35M and a hand-picked team of 20 pro-Clinton Trump hating ‘SS’ like Democratic goons led by Andrew Weissmann, a well known amoral liar with total indifference to the rule of law, he failed to deliver the goods… because they didn’t exist.

Mueller’s Wanton Path of Destruction: In his zealous quest to prove Trump colluded with Russia, Mueller callously destroyed the reputations and financially ruined honorable men, including retired General and former NSA advisor Michael Flynn, by purposefully entrapping them for the process crime of lying. This was unconscionable in each instance.

One of the most appalling and telling examples of Mueller’s style is ordering a swarm of heavily armed FBI swat team members to execute a pre-dawn raid of political consultant Roget Stone’s Ft. Lauderdale home and arrest him. Stone is 66 years-old, harmless, and would have voluntarily turned himself into the authorities with a simple call to coordinate this with his attorneys.

CNN was ‘mysteriously’ tipped off about the raid and had cameras on site and rolling before it began to further embarrass Stone. This outrageous over-kill and leak to CNN also spoke volumes about FBI Director Christopher Wray’s bias, commitment to the rule of law, integrity, judgment, and common decency.

Mueller’s Attempt to Subvert Trump: Early on in Mueller’s investigation he knew with absolute certainty there was no collusion with Russia. To avoid disappointing his fan base by striking out, he selected a different bat and sought to charge Trump with fraud or obstruction of justice to destroy his presidency.

This is evinced by texts between key Mueller team members Peter Strzok and Lisa Page specifically stating ‘there’s no there there’ on collusion, but they hoped for impeachment. At that time Strzok was the FBI’s head of counterintelligence and Page was an FBI attorney. Both were virulent Trump haters.

Mueller then lied by omission as he kept this explosive information ‘in house’ and continued his investigation for two years at a cost exceeding $35M under the false pretense of seeking evidence of Russian collusion. After unjustly enriching himself and his team very well, Mueller concluded his investigation and provided the DOJ with a final report of his findings. It confirmed that there was no Russian collusion, but suggested that Trump obstructed justice when Mueller knew very well that none had occurred.

Mueller’s Abuse of Authority: This was an egregious abuse of authority but expected from Mueller. Throughout his farcical investigation, he proved to be a corrupt amoral liar without a scintilla of integrity or decency. Considering the Trump hating investigators and their ‘SS’ like tactics, common sense tells us that every effort to find obstruction was made and Mueller would have triumphantly charged Trump if it were found. However, instead of exonerating Trump for obstruction, Mueller intentionally opened the door for further investigations he knew the Congressional Democrats would salivate at conducting.

Show Me the Man, I’ll Show You the Crime: Considering Mueller’s ignominious character and rejection as FBI Director by Trump, it defies credulity to believe that he would conduct a fair and impartial criminal investigation into any matter involving Trump. In fact, Mueller’s modus operandi closely resembled that of Lavrentiy Beria, the most ruthless and longest-serving secret police chief in Joseph Stalin’s reign of terror in Russia and Eastern Europe. Beria bragged that he could prove criminal conduct on anyone, even the innocent: His infamous boast was “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime”. Mueller’s man was Trump.

Want proof? Mueller amassed voluminous amounts of information through subpoenas and interviews during his aggressive two-year witch hunt to indict Trump, his associates, and family for colluding with Russia. He also found time to indict Paul Manafort and refer others to U.S. Attorneys for investigation on matters unrelated to Russian collusion. It’s interesting to note that concurrently therewith a plethora of irrefutable inculpatory evidence of felonies relative to the Russian hoax continued to emerge with the participants involved being ranking politicians and high-level bureaucrats. That evidence showed people at the highest levels of the Federal government engaged in a sophisticated criminal conspiracy to subvert and destroy Trump while rigging the 2016 Presidential election for Clinton. 

A criminal conspiracy of such magnitude could only have been orchestrated by people who were predisposed to do so with the requisite power as well as the most to win and the most to lose; namely, Obama and Clinton. Their conspirators included: Comey; Steele; Fusion GPS and several high-level people in the intelligence community. Consistent with his modus operandi as Obama’s FBI Director, however, Mueller purposefully ignored investigating any of them. To no surprise, the corrupt FBI and DOJ continue protecting every person involved in the conspiracy by suppressing overwhelming inculpatory evidence instead of holding them fully accountable under the same law that applies to the average citizen.

Vengeance: It doesn’t take a behavioral psychologist to know that Mueller must loath Trump for rejecting him as FBI Director and firing his best pal, Comey… another filthy lowlife with Mueller’s abominable character. Leaving the door to obstruction open and most likely perjuring himself without compunction before Congress in support thereof will be Mueller’s final shot to avenge being rejected and Comey’s firing by endeavoring to destroy Trump’s presidency.

In my opinion, Mueller is an arrogant, black-hearted, vindictive lying snake in whom an infinite amount of unrestricted authority and discretion to indict Trump was misplaced and egregiously abused. He’s like malignant cancer that is impossible to excise for whom there’s a special place in Hell. He cannot arrive soon enough and suffer prolonged excruciating pain on his journey.