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Commentary: In this commentary, I will opine about the appalling absence of accountability and criminal consequences to the key players whose treacherous motives underpinned the incessant, vicious attacks on and attempted subversion of Trump during the late stages of the GOP primary and subsequent to his election as President. Their supporting cast in toxic DC includes politicians, high-level bureaucrats, and political insiders that, like Obama and Clinton, believe in fundamentally transforming traditional American culture and values. It shares their disdain for our country and belief that she was never great; ergo, not not surprisingly, it finds Trump’s slogan, ‘Make America Great Again’ to be anathema. 

I will begin by positing that Obama and Clinton had the most to gain and the most to lose in this election. They also had the most power within Obama’s administration and the Democratic party.

Background: Obama is a corrupt, inveterate lying racist whose goal as President was to fundamentally change the America he loathed into a country consistent with his cultural and ideological beliefs. To facilitate that goal he politicized every major department and hired people in his stead to head them that included the following: 

  • Radical racist AGs Holder and Lynch 
  • Longtime Clinton stooge FBI Director Comey
  • Clinton at State 
  • Muslim convert CIA Director Brennan 
  • Lerner as IRS Director

This stellar group likely comprised the vilest, most corrupt, amoral inveterate liars to head these important positions in U.S. history. 

He is also an arrogant narcissist who erroneously believes the world will exalt his legacy as President. Prior to the 2016 election, ensuring its preservation, exaltation, and perpetuation, as well as the continuation of America’s fundamental transformation, were imperatives to him. More on this here:Obama’s Ignominious Legacy’ 

Obama – Clinton Nexus: Obama and Clinton are acolytes of and were mentored by America hater and radical Marxist, Saul Alinsky, author of the infamous ‘Rules For Radicals’. While Clinton’s unsavory character was well known, Obama became eminently aware of just how vile she was during their 2008 primary race. He also learned that she shared his goal of fundamentally transforming America during her stint at State. 

Clinton’s Expected Presidency: Being a slick politician who virtually ran the DNC for eight years, Obama knew well before Clinton’s primary victory in July 2016 that she would be the Democratic presidential candidate. The entire world was certain Clinton would be heavily favored over any GOP candidate, and at best Trump was a joke. Accordingly, prior to the election on November 8, 2016, Obama and Clinton felt certain that her presidency was virtually assured, and the fulfillment of his ambitious self-serving goals was a fait accompli.

Trump’s Emergence: Soon after Trump triumphed in the GOP primary and his momentum continued skyrocketing, Obama and Clinton realized he posed a legitimate threat to her presidency, his legacy, and America’s transformation. This was unacceptable: it had to be stopped at all costs to ensure a Clinton victory by delegitimizing Trump prior to or immediately after the election in the event he won. As history clearly indicates, this situation presented neither an ethical nor legal dilemma to them as integrity, morals, and the rule of law have always been of total indifference. 

Subverting Trump and America’s Rule of Law: The matter was urgent and necessitated a strategic plan to boost Clinton’s popularity as well as complement the incessant demonization of Trump by the Democrats, MSM, and other Trump haters. An illegal ‘hands-on’ proactive plan was developed to sabotage and destabilize Trump that would never be detected with the anticipated Clinton victory, nor for that matter if Trump won. It would also ensure that Obama’s eight lawless years of governance and his ever-ready, willing and able corrupt accomplices would not be investigated. 

Loyal surrogates would effectuate the plan by performing the necessary dirty work thereby creating plausible deniability and avoidance of criminal exposure which would be moot with a Clinton victory. Obama and Clinton believed this would also be the case with a Trump victory because the plan to subvert Trump combined with the incessant demonization of him would cause a tumultuous, short-lived presidency eventuating in her succession to the Oval Office.

A Tangled Web of Deception: In addition to aggressively campaigning together to assure attendees that Clinton would continue Obama’s transformation of America, their devious plan comprised the following key tactical actions:

  • Disseminate false information through the friendly MSM claiming that Trump colluded and had a well developed conspiratorial relationship with Russia to influence the election
  • Surreptitiously wiretap cell phones of Trump campaign officials and glean inside information that could be advantageously used to subvert and destabilize him 
  • Immediately blame a Trump victory on Russian collusion and pave the way for Clinton’s succession by destroying his presidency through impeachment, removal for mental incapacity or resignation
  • The Russian collusion scenario was plausible because Obama and Clinton were well aware that Russia had consistently meddled in U.S. elections and knew such practice would continue. Wiretapping could easily be facilitated by high-level corrupt FBI, DOJ and CIA goons Obama consistently used as his modern-day Gestapo for eight lawless years.

Russian Collusion and Wiretaps: This scenario has been regurgitated ad nauseam so I have tried to briefly discuss the more salient facts below.

The Steele Dossier: Clinton and the DNC paid for a dossier, i.e., the ‘Steele Dossier’, prepared by disgraced former British intelligence officer, Christopher Steele, to smear Trump. It contained several serious and salacious unverified claims against him based on hearsay from unnamed sources relative to his connections with the Russian government. Following Trump’s election in 2016, Viet Nam War traitor Senator John McCain provided the dossier to his corrupt pal, FBI Director Comey, who intentionally failed to have any of the claims verified. Thereafter it circulated through and was disseminated by the MSM for maximum public exposure and damage to Trump.

FISA Warrant For Surveillance: On October 21, 2016, the FBI and DOJ used the unverified claims in the dossier as the factual basis for obtaining a FISA warrant to tap the cell phone of Trump campaign aid, Carter Page. A FISA warrant is granted by the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court and authorizes wiretapping/electronically surveilling someone suspected of spying with or for a foreign government.

At all times during the application process, the DOJ and FBI were fully aware that the dossier was a ‘hit piece’ on Trump funded by Clinton and the DNC. Furthermore, they knew the serious claims against Trump were from unnamed sources and unverified by Steele as well as their organizations. However, the DOJ and FBI intentionally and illegally misled the FISA court by failing to disclose this critical information which would have caused a respectable judge with integrity to immediately shut down their nefarious scheme. As a matter of fact, they went to great lengths to avoid disclosing that it was a Clinton/ DNC opposition hit piece by referring to the dossier as simply a political document.

Same Old Culture of the DOJ and FBI: This egregious behavior and indifference to the rule of law was the norm for Obama and his corrupt lying stooges, Comey and Lynch. When combined with Clinton’s illegal email scandal and Comey’s farcical exoneration it served to darken the already repulsive pall on the nation’s law enforcement agencies we are supposed to trust. Note, the FBI continues its refusal to release the application used to secure the FISA warrant.

As an aside, in July 2017, three months after his appointment as Deputy AG, Rod Rosenstein, with full knowledge of the unverified garbage in the dossier, approved an application to extend the FISA warrant on which it was based.

Mueller Appointed as Special Counsel: In May 2017 after worthless AG Sessions recused himself from investigating the alleged collusion between Trump and Russia to influence the election, Rosenstein appointed his close pal, former FBI Direct Robert Mueller, who Trump had rejected as AG, Special Counsel to do the job. Inexcusably, Sessions gave Mueller a free rein and blank check with neither a defined scope of work nor a specific time frame in which to complete his amorphous investigation targeting Trump. 

To date, the outrageous, costly eternal witch hunt by Mueller and his team, 98% of whom are avid Clinton supporters/donors, has predictably failed to produce a scintilla of evidence against Trump colluding with Russia. However, the House Intelligence Committee investigating the same matter for over 14 months independent of Mueller’s witch hunt concluded that there was none.

Mueller has indicted a few individuals associated with Trump’s campaign allegedly for crimes that are unrelated to the alleged Russian collusion.

Of note, in his stint as FBI Director, Mueller facilitated the following anti-American deals for Obama: ‘Fast and Furious’ illegal gun sales deal resulting in the death of a Border Patrol agent; the Obama, Clinton, Russia Uranium One deal wherein America gave approximately 20% of its uranium to Russia. The quid pro quo in this outrageous deal was a significant donation to the Clinton Foundation and a very lucrative speaking fee to Sleazy Willy Clinton.

When First We Practice To Deceive: What has emerged, however, independent of Mueller’s witch hunt is the toxic presence of a pervasive culture of corruption and subversion in the highest echelons of the DOJ and FBI exemplifying the culture of Obama’s reign. Specifically, there is an abundance of mounting hard evidence that the following high ranking corrupt FBI agents lied and conspired to subvert Trump: Andrew McCabe; Peter Strzok; Andrew Weissmann and Lisa Page. The DOJ’s contribution to this fine group includes Bruce Ohr. Incredulously, all are being paid, receiving perks and pension contributions instead of being axed, indicted for corruption and subversion with their pensions frozen pending results of the criminal matters.

There is also concrete proof that Strzok assisted Comey in writing the speech exonerating Clinton from the email scandal months before he gave it immediately after her casual brunch meeting with his corrupt FBI on the matter. For the record, FBI interviews of this nature are always made under oath, recorded, and transcribed; this standard protocol was conveniently waived for Clinton by her felony fixer of 30 years, corrupt lying stooge Comey, who did not attend the farcical brunch. Learn more about Clinton and Comey here: ‘The Clinton – Comey Nexus’

The Maestros of Corruption and Subversion: Positing that Trump is loathed by the corrupt DOJ and FBI agents that endeavored to subvert him, it is inconceivable to me that they acted independently and had access to the requisite resources without following directives from authoritative people with the necessary power. Connecting the dots and exercising the slightest degree of common sense leads to one logical conclusion: Obama and Clinton orchestrated and served as puppeteers for the illegal, self-serving scheme to delegitimize, destroy, and subvert Trump’s presidency for the reasons mentioned aforesaid.

Their evil, anti-American characters speak volumes; during the relevant time frame, they had the motives, means, and opportunities required to orchestrate this treacherous plan of subverting Trump and America’s rule of law.

Blind Justice: While Trump is the principal target of Mueller’s high-level criminal investigation, in addition to the aforementioned corrupt FBI & DOJ agents, the flowing people are free as birds, relaxing with cocktails knowing that the scales of justice heavily skewed in their favor: Obama; the Clintons; Comey and Lynch. 

The chief law enforcement officer in America is Mr. Recusal, Attorney General Jeff Sessions who refuses to have the DOJ investigate politicians and bureaucrats for crimes. He has proved to be a worthless societal leech with the spine of an ameba whose focus relative to criminal matters has apparently been on busting illegals and threatening sanctuary city mayors with effluvium. However, he has found time to spew lame excuses for and aggressively defend his corrupt lying subordinates, Deputy AG Rosenstein and FBI Director Wray… whose time is apparently burdened by diligently suppressing evidence of subversion against his agents mentioned herein.

America deserves and is entitled to federal law enforcement organizations headed by individuals with integrity that respect and are dedicated to enforcing her Constitution, the civil and criminal rules of law, as it was intended to be applied. This is in stark contrast to the past nine years where it has been subordinated to the self-serving interests of corrupt lying politicians, bureaucrats, and political insiders who have laughed at the criminal law. This is appalling and must stop. Sessions, Wray and Rosenstein are perpetuating Obama’s lawless culture as well as disgracing America and should be fired ASAP.