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Commentary: In this commentary, I will opine on the hordes of indigent migrants marching towards America’s southwestern border; their demands for asylum, refugee status, and impliedly therein, welfare; and Congressional proponents. Specifically, I’m very concerned about the message being sent to the world as it closely watches America’s reaction to this attempt of virtual invasion made by unarmed migrants.

Equally as concerning is the associated perception when one sees a significant number of Congress supporting the elimination of ICE and open borders to the world’s tribal indigents with different cultures and values. Needless to say, the impact of this on America is significant and adverse.

The Caravan: You are no doubt well aware of the ever-growing and seemingly endless hordes of ‘migrants’, euphemistically referred to as a caravan, disingenuously claiming to be refugees seeking asylum in the U.S. Thousands are traveling through Mexico towards America’s southwestern border to join the initial waves already there.

These are not sympathetic figures as portrayed by their proponents in the MSM, Congress, and elsewhere. They are in the current situation of their own volition and are solely responsible for the ensuing consequences to themselves and families, putative or otherwise. Had they remained in their native countries this would have been avoided.

The migrants have legally been denied entry to the U.S. at various points along the border with MX. A great number of them are encamped in Tijuana living in squalid conditions of their own making. Trump has made it crystal clear that they cannot enter the U.S. illegally, but must remain outside of the country and go through the standard immigration process of applying for refugee status. Their response is demanding immediate entry to the U.S. or being paid $50,000 each to return home.

Mexico Offers Asylum: Mexico offered asylum to the migrants which they refused because welfare benefits to refugees in the U.S. represent the ‘gold’. After considering the filthy conditions in which these migrants live as well and their associated crime and chaos, most Tijuana officials and residents want them permanently gone.

Welfare Benefits to Refugees in America: A migrant legally classified as a refugee is entitled to a plethora of welfare benefits that include the following:

  • Healthcare
  • Housing
  • Food
  • Cash
  • Education
  • Legal representation

The Open Borders Spin: MSM, politicians from both parties, bureaucrats, and other proponents of eliminating ICE and open borders claiming to be sympathetic to this horde of migrants intentionally refer to them as refugees seeking asylum ad nauseam. However, they conveniently neglect to define asylee and refugee in their self-serving ramblings, so please briefly indulge me while I enlighten you pursuant to U. S. law set forth below. To put this in perspective I have italicized the critical conjunctive verbiage.

Asylee: According to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, a person applying for asylum, i.e., an asylee, must be physically present in the U.S. and prove that he or she has a fear of persecution in their country of nationality that is well-founded because of their race, religion, nationality, social group or political opinion. Furthermore, such application must be made within one year of entering the U.S. Inexplicably, their legal status is irrelevant.

Refugee: The United States Refugee Act of 1980 (Public Law 96-212) clearly defines refugee as follows: any person who is outside his or her country of residence or nationality, or without nationality, and is unable or unwilling to return to, and is unable or unwilling to avail himself or herself of the protection of, that country because of persecution or a well-founded fear of persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion.

It should be abundantly clear that the migrants in the caravan that have not been processed are neither asylees nor refugees as defined under U.S. law. It’s also clear that the open border proponents supporting them are intentionally lying about their status relative to immigration. One can logically conclude that this is a brazen attempt to pressure Trump into permitting these migrants illegal entry to America and bypassing the standard immigration process.

Professional Caravan Organizers: In point of fact, these migrants have freely chosen to move for reasons unrelated to direct threats or persecutions required under U.S. law as mentioned aforesaid. Furthermore, they have been professionally organized and led by the radical activist group Pueblo Sin Fronteras (PSF, “People Without Borders”), a Chicago-based nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the rights of illegal aliens in America. This unsavory group has organized such caravans in Central America and Mexico for the sole purpose of flooding America with illegal aliens for fifteen years.

The Caravan’s Composition: The group is comprised in great part of migrants from various parts of the world with unknown backgrounds that generally share the following common characteristics:

  • A total disregard for U.S. law
  • Non-White
  • Indigent
  • Speak little if any English
  • Minimal education
  • Illiterate in their native tongue
  • Tribal cultures averse to assimilation
  • Indifference towards personal health, hygiene, and the environment
  • Infested with communicable diseases
  • Seek U.S. welfare and citizenship

America’s Lure to the World: Beginning in 1982 the United States courts have held that children born to illegal aliens within the jurisdiction of the United States for any reason whatsoever are American citizens under the ‘citizenship clause’ of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. This is known as birthright citizenship and the children are called anchor babies. The putative parents are generally not deported on humanitarian grounds, their illegal status notwithstanding.

A brief history of the 14th Amendment’s Citizenship Clause: The 14th Amendment was ratified and added to the U.S. Constitution after the Civil War on July 28, 1868, to ensure that freed slaves would be recognized as U.S. citizens. The critical verbiage of the citizenship clause states as follows:

All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and the States wherein they reside.

There are two critical components in this important clause: ‘born or naturalized in the U.S., and subject to its jurisdiction’. They are inextricably linked since ‘and’ is a conjunctive term and cannot realistically be subject to any other interpretation. Accordingly, the Constitution of the United States does not grant citizenship at birth to just anyone born within her borders. It is the complete jurisdiction, i.e., allegiance, of the child’s birth parents at the time of birth demanded by the 14th amendment that determines the child’s citizenship, not only the geographical location of birth.

Most constitutional scholars agree that birthright citizenship is being granted because liberal judges are illegally legislating from the bench instead of applying the law. Specifically, they are using the verbiage, ‘born or naturalized in the United States’ in the disjunctive sense as the sole criteria in determining citizenship while ignoring ‘and subject to the jurisdiction thereof’ to further their radical political agendas.

Framer’s Intent: History is crystal clear that the framers of the 14th Amendment never intended to confer citizenship on the children of aliens who happened to be born in the U.S. There is absolutely no constitutional authority to support anchor babies and chain immigration. To the point, in 1866 the three men most intimately involved with the 14th Amendment and its citizenship clause, namely, Senator Jacob Howard, MI, Representative John Bingham, OH, and Senator Lyman Trumbull, IL, specifically stated that children born in the U.S. who were foreigners or aliens were not citizens. They were adamant that ‘subject to the jurisdiction’ meant complete jurisdiction of America and not owing allegiance to any foreign sovereignty.

For over 100 years the framers of the U.S. Constitution succeeded in their desire to remove all doubt as to what persons are or are not citizens of the United States. They also succeeded in making both their intent and construction clear for future generations of courts and government. However, their logical reasoning and sound law were ignored by Supreme Court Justice William Brennan.

Judicial Overreach: In 1982 ultra-liberal Brennan unilaterally decided to change this long-standing legal precedent in the only Supreme Court case to support birthright citizenship, Plyler v. Doe. In a 5-to-4 Supreme Court decision Brennan wrote based on his personal agenda very far removed from the straightforward law, he claimed, “… no plausible distinction with respect to Fourteenth Amendment ‘jurisdiction’ can be drawn between resident aliens whose entry into the United States was lawful and resident aliens whose entry was unlawful.”

Brennan’s self-serving decision equating the rights of aliens legally resident in America with those here illegally was blatantly stupid, dead wrong, poorly reasoned, and should not be allowed to stand as law any further. Furthermore, he was clearly legislating a personal agenda from the bench which is outside the Constitutional scope of his authority and hence, illegal.

The Bane and Ramifications of Birthright Citizenship

  • Entitlements: The family of an anchor baby receives all medical costs associated with the birth, Medicaid food stamps, and other financial assistance to which illegal aliens would not otherwise be entitled.
  • Chain Migration: Thanks to Ted “Sot” Kennedy pushing the 1965 Immigration Act most likely in his usual state of inebriation, at 21 the anchor baby can legalize its ‘parents’ (putative or otherwise) and bring the foreign-born spouse and any foreign-born siblings into the United States. The sponsored spouse can then sponsor their own foreign-born parents and siblings, and the siblings can then sponsor their own foreign-born spouses, and so on, creating a virtually never-ending and always-expanding migration chain of illegal welfare seekers. This is called ‘chain migration’; it serves to swell America’s welfare rolls and non-white birth rate exponentially.

Birthright citizenship also includes children born in America to aliens who entered pursuant to chain migration and accordingly, are entitled to the munificence of U.S. welfare.

In my opinion, the ramifications of birthright citizenship and chain migration to America are tantamount to committing cultural, demographic, and financial suicide. I cannot fathom any redeeming benefit these people offer to our great country.

The High Cost of Birthright Citizenship: As extended alien families enter America their population will explode exponentially through endless chain migration and procreation. Being citizens and refugees, they will receive welfare to support their wide-ranging needs including food, housing, medical, and education for an indeterminate amount of time. This will have a devastating effect on the coffers of welfare as the cost will expand to an incalculable amount.

America’s Wide-Open Doors: The United States is one of the few countries in the world to recognize universal and automatic citizenship for children born to illegal and temporary immigrants. It’s also the only developed country to allow unrestricted immigration of non-nuclear extended family members from all over the world under the feeble excuse of ‘family reunification’.

The Acquiescent Congress: The 14th Amendment also provides Congress with the power to amend its provisions by appropriate legislation. However, this has not been exercised. To the contrary, the majority of Congress zealously supports the elimination of ICE and open borders in blatant violation of their oaths of office wherein they swore to protect America. This is also consistent with Obama’s goal to fundamentally transform America to adopt an ideology he prefers.

America’s Future: If you’re concerned about the future of America’s well-established culture, traditions, values, and greatness, ponder this: The progressive activists in both parties are driving her far to the left seeking a virtual totalitarian government with total control over your actions, thoughts, and speech, ergo, classic Marxism. This is the thin end of the wedge and the only reasonable way it can be curtailed is to vote progressive activists out of office before this repugnant condition becomes an irreversible reality.