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Commentary: The NFL’s commissioner, key executives, and owners propagating an anti-American agenda and politicizing a once great sport by supporting Colin Kaepernick’s overt disrespect and hatred of our country are reprehensible.

Kaepernick, hereinafter referred to as ‘Kap’, is #7 sporting the Afro in the picture. While playing in the NFL he began a kneeling routine on the field during the national anthem to display his disrespect for our flag, patriots, and country. I will expound on his abhorrent behavior later in the blog, but first a brief history of our national anthem.

The National Anthem: Francis Scott Key was an attorney who wrote a poem entitled ‘Defence of Fort M’Henry’, on September 14, 1814, which was later retitled and published as the ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’. His inspiration for the poem came during the evening of September 13th, when he watched Ft. McHenry facing almost certain defeat as it was being heavily bombarded by the British Royal Navy firing the most powerful guns of that era.

The next morning, however, Key saw the large American flag pictured here, i.e., the Star-Spangled Banner, flying triumphantly above the Fort and knew the British had withdrawn in defeat. He wrote the poem to honor the brave forces comprised of white and black American patriots who courageously fought, and in many instances sacrificed their lives for their country in repelling the vicious attack.

The Star-Spangled Banner was made the national anthem by a congressional resolution on March 3, 1931. Since 1942 it has been the musical preamble to virtually every professional baseball, football, basketball, hockey, and soccer contest in America. It is a patriotic tradition for attendees to stand during the anthem to honor and respect America, her flag, and the brave men and women of the U.S. Military who have sacrificed so much for our great country and freedom.

Kaepernick’s Disrespect for America: Beginning with the NFL’s 2016 season Kap, then a San Francisco 49er quarterback, manifested his true character by disrespectfully kneeling on the field when the national anthem was played. When queried, Kap advised that he neither respected nor found anything great about America, and disliked Whites. He specified that kneeling was to protest the racist anthem that celebrated slavery; America’s offensive treatment of blacks; and cops treating black males disproportionately to Whites, particularly by fatally shooting black thugs.

Kap’s repugnant routine was followed by ingrate blacks on other teams likewise expressing their disrespect by kneeling and locking arms. Not surprisingly, on September 18th NFL’s politically correct Commissioner, Roger Goodell, publicly condoned and encouraged such kneeling in protestation of America’s greatness, fallen patriots, her flag and the military. Story Here. His anointment served to open the floodgates and politicize the NFL by supporting Kap’s ilk of players to disrespect our country and propagate anti-U.S. social agendas unrelated to football during games.

The Anthem’s Offending Words: The Anthem’s words Kap deemed to be racist, celebrate slavery, and offend blacks are ‘slave’ and ‘freeman’. The specific verbiage is excerpted respectively from the third and fourth verses which are basically unknown and rarely sung as set forth below:

No refuge could save the hireling and slave
O thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand

The leading authority on the Star-Spangled Banner is Mark Clague, founding board chair of the Star-Spangled Music Foundation. He is a professor of music history, American Culture, African and Afro-American studies at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. For the sake of brevity, the following is a paraphrase of his recent interview with CNN about the intent and meaning of the words that offended Kap.

‘The middle verses vilify the British who Key loathed. He felt the black American slaves fighting with them for the promise of freedom were traitors. American forces included African-Americans as well as whites and the term ‘freemen,’ whose heroism is celebrated in the fourth stanza encompassed both.’

I’ll go with Professor Clague’s expert analysis every day over the venomous lies Kap spews to disparage America and incite greater racial divide. He conveniently ignores the fact that slavery was commonplace when the anthem was written and abolished in 1865. Yet, he claims to be seeking vengeance against America and Whites for the discriminatory injustices suffered by Blacks during that period 150 years ago.

49ers and Kaepernick Part Ways: At the end of the 2016 season Kap opted out of his contract after general manager John Lynch informed him that he was going to be cut for poor performance. Not surprisingly, the politically correct sports media went berserk, immediately blaming his decision on racism. This intensified when other teams likewise passed on him which triggered the MSM’s usual cries of White supremacy and trite asinine narrative: Black men are constantly harassed by cops and routinely brutalized with impunity, even when they’ve done nothing wrong; and, there’s an epidemic of cops fatally shooting unarmed black males.

Kap’s supporters virtually elevated him to heroic-like status for protesting the anthem; disrespecting America; hating Whites; advocating for poor black victims of an oppressive white society and social justice for black thugs.

Kneeling and Disrespect for America Continues: The kneeling bit and associated disrespect by NFL ingrates of all colors are on-going. Trump publicly blasted the players and told owners to fire the ‘disrespectful SOBs’. His comments unhinged many in Congress and the entire MSM, all of whom are demonizing him as a White Supremacist while extolling Kap’s many virtues, causes, and right of free speech.

In response to Trump, on September 24th most owners and players locked arms and knelt in unity at their respective games to protest our national anthem and support Kap’s anti-American, anti-White causes. This public, unified disrespect for America, her flag, and fallen heroes was toxic and catalyzed the following reactions, which I hope will continue to more adversely affect the NFL.

  • NFL fans are being turned off in droves
  • Disgruntled fans boo, burn player’s jerseys, and call for boycotting the NFL
  • Attendance, TV ratings, advertisers, and revenues are dropping dramatically

After Goodell publicly politicized the NFL on September 18th as aforesaid by supporting and encouraging players to join Kap’s disrespectful protests of the anthem, on October 10th he went into full damage control and pathetically told owners that everyone should stand for the anthem, then reverted to his original position on October 12th. Regardless, the ‘horse already left the barn’ and the true face of the NFL manifested itself; the brand was seriously damaged, and owners’ revenue streams are being diminished. A steep price to pay for being politically correct by stupidly supporting and condoning the protests of Kap and his fellow kneeling ingrates disrespecting everything American. Karma is a bitch!

Get to Know Kaepernick: Kap is a radical black activist who has consistently made his vehement hatred of America’s traditions, culture, and values, as well as Whites abundantly clear. He is a strong proponent of Castro’s Communist regime and closely aligned with BLM, the anti-American terrorist organization of racist savages embraced by Obama that advocates killing cops. The group claims its mission is seeking social justice for black thugs, and endeavors to achieve it by creating chaos and systemic disruption through riots, violence, and murder.

His incessant sniveling about social justice for oppressed Blacks is trite; his blatant disrespect for America’s national anthem, flag, patriotic heroes, and greatness is appalling. This is the repulsive ingrate boor with whom people empathize and highly esteem; they must be very proud.

Social Justice for Blacks: Kap’s social justice is to prevent police officers from killing black thugs under all circumstances, and his skewed effluvium on racial disproportionality in that regard is replete with lies. On September 29, Peter Kirsanow, ranking attorney with the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, directly contradicted Kap in a televised interview with Tucker Carlson. Of note, in September 2017 the FBI released its official crime data for 2016 that also directly contradicted the rhetorical narrative propagated by Kap, MSM, and other lemmings that support him.

Specifically, there were 7881 black homicides and the great majority were committed by blacks. According to the Washington Post, of the 233 blacks fatally shot by police officers, most of them were armed and dangerous. Learn the truth about the soaring rate of black on black homicides in an excellent New York Post article Here. Or, check the weekly homicide statistics in Chicago and Baltimore.

America’s Social Programs: I am sick and tired of unsavory, disingenuous, hypocritical race baiters of every kind, color, and character consistently whining about the poor, historically disadvantaged, marginalized black victims of an oppressive White society. In fact, the number of social programs America and her States has offered during the last 50 years and their capitalization have consistently increased. Predictably, however, the result has been rampant welfare fraud by recipients as they demand more.

The U.S. affords blacks the greatest opportunity in the world for self-development and success in their respective fields of endeavor, but reaping the benefits of success requires action. People that apply themselves, work hard, aspire to and achieve success generally appreciate the fruits of their labor and all that our great country offers. On their way up the ladder, they begin to realize that there is a direct correlation between effort and appreciation; the more effort one puts into achieving their goal the more it’s appreciated. The converse also is true as evinced by Kap’s ‘poor oppressed innocent black victims of America’s harsh society’ who prefer carping, societal leeching, and criminality to working towards a goal.

No one is holding a gun to the heads of disgruntled ingrates protesting America’s greatness with Kap. They can immediately renounce their citizenship, relocate to a more munificent country with a less oppressive society and be content, but without free Obamaphones.