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The progressive’s worldview is Group-based Morality: ‘that which is moral is what best serves the interests of oppressed or marginalized ethnic, racial, and gender groups’.

I was born in America, love my country, and want to comment on the destructive course on which she has been driven during the past ten years. Specifically, the traditions, culture, and values upon which America was founded and became the greatest country the world has ever known are being attacked and eroded from within every day.

A volatile climate of divisive hate is intensifying and its destructive ramifications should be of concern to every person that loves and cares about America’s future. While the hate’s genesis is being conveniently attributed to a recently discovered disease known as ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome,’ that’s certainly not the affliction’s cause. In fact, the hate is aimed directly at traditional American culture and values championed by Trump along with many other conservatives endeavoring to unify and make her great again after Obama’s destructive tenure.

The Source of Hate: The principal source of hate emanates from progressives. They eagerly supported and want to complete Obama’s goal to fundamentally transform traditional American culture and values then supplant them with his preferred ideology. Exclusive of the general populous, they’re primarily comprised of the following:

  • Current and former DC politicians and bureaucrats, primarily Democrats
  • MSM
  • Entertainment industry
  • Academia from elementary school through advanced degrees
  • District and Appellate Court judges

Surely you’re well aware of the trite ‘hate Trump’ narratives and ad hominem attacks that Politicians, bureaucrats, MSM, celebs, and educators are regurgitating ad nauseam, so commenting on them would be redundant. However, I think a few comments on academia and the Federal judiciary will be beneficial.

The focus in academia today is on instilling White Guilt, revising American history to fit a radical anti-American agenda, and reviling the straight White male. These topics are taught by progressives that hate our country who were spoon fed Marxism during their educational experience and are likewise subtly indoctrinating students with that hateful ideology. Traditional disciplines, e.g., Math, Science, History, Literature, etc. have been subordinated to faux studies that vehemently disparage Whites and everything about America. Learn more here: Revising Truths in Academia and the blog cited therein.

Progressive District Court judges whose exclusive Constitutional power is to apply the law are illegally legislating from the bench to further their radical anti-U.S. agendas. Their self-serving decisions are often illegally upheld at the appellate level by like-minded progressives only to be reversed by the Supreme Court. Learn more here: The Inherent Danger in Judicial Overreach

Wisdom From Abe Lincoln: On January 27, 1838, Abe Lincoln was quite prescient in his Lyceum speech when he stated, and I’ll paraphrase here, ‘America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.’ I believe the seeds of destruction have been sown, patiently nurtured over the years, and are approaching the embryonic stage of germination whereupon they will pose an existential threat to our freedoms.

Sowing the Seeds of America’s Destruction: In my opinion, the seeds were sown in Frankfurt, Germany, circa, 1921, by a group of Marxist German intellectuals who rejected and ultimately replaced Karl Marx’s traditional, ineffective Economic Marxism with their ideology, Cultural Marxism. Cultural Marxism is modern day Marxism and will be referred to as such in this blog. It’s the ideology underlying the Communist political system.

Unlike Marx, they envisioned the complete annihilation of Western traditions, values, and cultures by catalyzing a lengthy, indefensible, peaceful revolution attacking the cultures and values wherein traditional morals and authority would be rejected. They posited that once their goal was achieved traditional Western cultures and values would be supplanted by Cultural Marxist ideology.

For the purpose of relevance, this blog is confined to the ideology’s diffusion in and effect on America.

The Strategic Plan: The founding Marxists believed that society was divided into two basic groups based on, race, gender, and ethnicity: the White dominant privileged oppressor who possessed the power; the subordinate, marginalized, and oppressed group that was powerless. The latter group was comprised of the economically deprived, women, racial minorities, homosexuals, and criminals.

Transferring the correlation of power to the subordinate group was essential to the goal’s success. This could only be achieved when society intellectually and morally rejected America’s long-standing traditions, culture, and values. Their efforts began to peak during the 60’s student revolution that successfully thundered through the halls of American academia. The movement’s ignominious leader was Brandeis Professor Herbert Marcuse, a founding Cultural Marxist best known for the slogan, ‘make love, not war’.

The Tactical Plan: The tactic in America was to gradually dominate her spheres of influence; supplant her traditions, culture, and values with Marxism; ultimately change the political structure, and move towards universal egalitarianism. The main spheres of influence that were targeted as conduits for propagating the ideology because of their credibility and breadth of reach are as follows:

  • Academia
  • Entertainment industry
  • Government
  • MSM
  • Judiciary

The Key To Success: Political correctness, hereinafter referred to as PC, was developed to be the most effective element in achieving their goal of destruction. Sound crazy… read on and learn.

The Dominance of Political Correctness: PC dominates and has dramatically transformed traditional American culture and values. The term connotes ‘when something isn’t politically correct it’s axiomatically offensive to an individual, group, or socially unacceptable’. Realistically, however, very few people know or care about its origin, underlying ideology, true meaning, and purpose. For anyone interested I will enlighten you with some salient facts that will sound eerily familiar relative to today’s hateful political climate that has become a vicious blood sport.

Political Correctness: Contrary to the effluvium espoused by PC proponents, it’s not about tolerance, inclusion, and diversity. PC is a radical social movement underpinned by Marxism, an evil, anti-Western hateful ideology designed to divide and conquer by using man’s natural divisions, e.g., color, race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation to foment, nurture and magnify strife between the various groups. This cunning but brilliant methodology was a blend of Marxism with Freudian psychoanalysis and psychological conditioning technique, subjects in which the founding Marxists had expertise.

Political Correctness Is Marxism: PC is also a deceptive term for progressivism and multiculturalism; both of which are euphemisms for Marxism cleverly used to conceal the true ideology. Ergo, PC is Marxism. Inherent therein is the loss of freedom of expression, thought control, inversion of the traditional values and social order, and ultimately, a totalitarian state enforcing radical egalitarianism.

Tactical Political Correctness: Tactically, PC is a devious Marxist psychological command and control method developed and intended for one purpose: force mass compliance with uniformity in the desired thought, speech, and behavior. This is achieved by threatening to or accusing people of being racist, sexist, fascist, homophobe, etc. unless they conform to being nonjudgmental and unequivocally accept certain moral absolutes of progressives. Included therein are inclusion, diversity, tolerance, social and economic justice, sensitivity, and sexual orientation as defined by progressives.

Consequences of Non-compliance: The consequences for one considered to be non-compliant with PC is always the same. The perceived violator is relentlessly and unmercifully humiliated, vilified, demonized, etc., with ad hominem attacks and often physically battered to the point of capitulation through submission, acquiescence, or tacit acceptance by silence.

Connect the Dots: Terminology notwithstanding, it should be abundantly clear that PC is the tactic progressives are using against Trump, his family, administration, and conservatives to destroy his presidency. They are bitter about losing power and desperately want to regain it by any means possible then continue implementing their radical anti-U.S. ideology. Progressives hate America; believe she was never great; and are aggressively seeking to stop Trump from restoring the greatness and unity that Obama and his ilk sought to fundamentally transform.

Progressives Agenda For America: The following agenda items are included in the ideology progressives will implement in America:

  • Continue revising history, destroying monuments, renaming buildings and streets that are anathema to them
  • Reparations for slavery
  • Open borders to and welfare for the world’s non-White tribal indigent filth thereby making illegal immigration moot and America the only country in the civilized world without immigration control
  • Abolition of ICE
  • Absolute right to vote and obtain a driver’s license regardless of citizenship
  • Repeal the Second Amendment
  • Severely restrict the First Amendment
  • Racial preference against Whites and reviling the straight White male
  • Ultimately, eliminating our Constitutional rights and establishing a totalitarian state that enforces radical egalitarianism

Self-Inflicted Genocide: These goals clearly represent cultural and demographic genocide to America I know and would have been a reality today under a Clinton presidency. There should be no doubt that Trump is doing his best to keep America great. The economy is robust and unemployment numbers, particularly for Blacks and Hispanics, are among the lowest of record.

Remarkably, he’s accomplishing this in spite of the incessant obstruction by Congress, relentless demonization by its MSM allies, and a Federal judiciary illegally enjoining his most important acts on immigration. Recall, this egregious unified resistance by Trump haters began at the inception of his presidency and intensifies daily.

In my opinion, Trump’s presidency saved the feckless GOP from virtual extinction, and traditional American culture from being dramatically transformed and supplanted with the ideology Obama, Clinton and their acolytes sought. Our great country is on the cusp of that transformation as the seeds of her destruction develop and approach germination. Concerned Americans must help stop them from germinating by using the most powerful weapon at our disposal, voting Republican in November before it’s too late.