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 Where Cowardice Is Bravery And Treason Is Patriotism


Commentary: As an Independent and early Trump supporter, I’m appalled by the number of congressional Republicans that are adamant about refusing to work with him, or each other for that matter, to do what is necessary to make America great again. For the sake of brevity and purposes of this blog, Congressional Republicans will hereinafter be referred to as ‘GOP’.

Keystone Kops: The GOP is reminiscent of the comedic ‘Keystone Kops’ featured in silent films, circa 1915, who were fictional, incompetent policemen consistently tripping over each other. However, the dysfunctional congressional Republicans are neither funny nor fictional. Those who are thwarting and subverting Trump are selfishly obstructing the best interests and future of America which they control… at least for now. Funny how the GOP’s self-destructive behavior has seemed to be systemic since the Reagan era.

GOP’s 2014 Blowout Victory: In early November 2014, a joyous GOP smugly celebrated their lopsided Congressional victory over Obama and the Democrats. To a person, they reveled in victory confident that their political fortunes had turned North, Obama’s lawless rule as a monarch was over, and America was back on the road to relative normality.

To their chagrin, however, that wasn’t the case. As a matter of fact, since that election, nothing positive happened for the inept GOP until Trump’s presidency. To the contrary, they were worse off than before their self-proclaimed crushing defeat of the Democrats in 2014. Head count notwithstanding, the results of that election were meaningless as Obama and leading congressional Democrats continued berating and treating the GOP like the irrelevant, fatuous party of amoebas they were.

Marching with Obama: For the most part, the GOP marched lock-step with Obama’s anti-American agenda and lawless administration that flagrantly violated the U.S. Constitution as a matter of course for 8 years. It supported, and in many instances advocated for his acts and Executive Orders while their legality and impact on America seemed to be of total indifference. Egregious examples are the Omnibus Spending Bill, TPP, Net Neutrality, and the Iran nuke deal. Any GOP opposition was generally feigned and typically took the form of sniveling or spewing meaningless effluvium for public consumption.

Actions will always speak louder than words: In the final analysis, the once powerful, respected GOP appeared to be content just being involved with Obama while concurrently driving itself into virtual irrelevance and except for the name, indistinguishable from the Democrats.

Then Along Came Trump: Trump’s incredible journey through the primaries and stunning victory over heavily favored Clinton speaks for itself and discussing it would be redundant. In my opinion, his election saved the GOP from the impending death throes of its own ineptitude. Clinton would have annihilated every one of the GOP’s career politicians he handily beat, and most probably within the first few hours after the East Coast voting closed. Her election relative to the GOP would have been Obama redux, while its subordinate position as a political party and Democratic ‘whipping boy’ would have remained the same.

Déjà vu: The age-old adage “the more things change the more they stay the same” is perfectly exemplified by the GOP. Trump’s Presidency and gaining a majority in both houses of Congress should have been manna from heaven for the GOP. Instead, however, as it squandered Congressional victory in 2014, even with a stacked deck 2017 has been an inexcusable, self-inflicted lightning strike of epic proportion, and the GOP continues to flounder.

The GOP has actively held the Presidency and a majority in both houses of Congress for six months, and except for Trump’s Executive Orders, has failed to pass any significant legislation. Democrats notwithstanding, the root cause of this is obstruction, subversion, and treachery from within the GOP.

The Establishment: In my opinion, the establishment is primarily comprised of arrogant, corrupt, rapacious, lying career politicians from both parties who are far more concerned with fulfilling self-serving goals than America’s best interests. They are accustomed to exercising some degree of influence over the President who has generally been a career politician. For the sake of brevity, successful career businessman President Trump is anathema to them and accordingly, must be destroyed.

Torpedoing Trump: In total disregard of the benefits America is realizing under Trump, the sole focus of Democrats, the establishment, and other Republicans is ensuring his failure ASAP. Consider the following:

  • Stock market has soared to new highs
  • Major manufacturing companies have expanded in America
  • Small businesses are booming
  • Employment is rapidly increasing
  • Welfare is significantly down
  • Legal and Illegal immigration is being seriously addressed

However, this selfish group continues to thwart Trump’s legislation at every turn without any regard to America’s best interests. The most recent disgusting examples are as follows:

  • John McCain: Traitor in Viet Nam driving the death knell into GOP’s Health Care plan to spite Trump and preserve Obamacare for his pal Obama. His subversion of Trump and by extension, America, continues.
  • Paul ‘Judas’ Ryan: Obama’s chief advocate for open borders and illegal immigration has consistently stabbed Trump in the back. He leads the charge against Trump’s sound immigration policy putting America first by establishing reasonable criteria for admission.

With friends like this Trump does not need enemies.

Trump Perseveres: I doubt that Trump envisioned the extent of subversion and obstinate resistance the GOP would have to his Presidency and plans to restore America’s greatness in the world. However, he is an astute businessman with a strong character who has successfully persevered the fires of hell. This hateful challenge from within America’s corrupt, toxic political arena that militates against America’s best interest will likewise be overcome.